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GI Bill Funding Available to our Veterans

The California Institute of Jewelry Training (CIJT) is happy to have the opportunity to serve our military veterans. We are proud to be able to offer GI Bill Funding, including Post-911, to those who have served our country. In addition, the Post-911 GI Bill allows spouses and children of the veteran to take advantage of these educational benefits.

Jewelry is a highly respected hands - on career which appeals to so many compared to academic programs which take longer and require more general information courses to receive a diploma or degree. Seventy percent (70%) of our graduates eventually own and operate their own jewelry business after getting additional exposure through employment and experience.

Jewelry often becomes a family business, providing a living for many families and extended families. Most jewelry store chains have started with a family member with a vision.

Please look at all the careers opportunities available in the industry

Here are some current success stories taking place at CIJT:

William "Zac" Gable is an Iraq war veteran from the US Army. After completion of his military service he was looking for a way to satisfy his desire to work with his hands to create while developing a passion. He discovered CIJT as an alternative to college that provided a more natural and comfortable environment. Quoting Gable: "Because of my background, I found that attending a trade school rather than a conventional college has allowed me to be successful and happy in my new found career; one very exciting thing is I continue to learn. CIJT has given me the peace and ability to focus that I have been searching for since my return from Iraq ."
Zac is now working at CIJT and wears many hats; he engages well with the students and assists with classroom duties, works on very difficult and time consuming jewelry repairs while assisting with many short courses using his expertise in metal working. Zac is presently enrolled in the gemology course while working part time.

Kristin Brewington is the daughter of an active duty US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (26 years service). She is using the Post-911 GI Bill funded education benefit available from her dad's military service. She is a very promising student in the Jewelry Arts program with her eyes also on the FCGmA Gemology program.
Mellisa Leon Guerrero served 4 years in the US Air Force as a Medical Technician. She also happens to be married to an active duty US Air Force Sergeant. Mellisa is glad to live so close to a GI Bill funded school and is using her Post-911 GI Bill education benefit to become a jeweler.
Casey Thompson served 4 years in the US Navy in the radiological field. He is using his Post-911 GI Bill education benefit to take the Jewelry Arts program and progress into the FCGmA Gemology course.
Mel Huth is the Vice President of the California Institute of Jewelry Training and has been with CIJT for over 20 years. Mel is a retired US Army Colonel with 30 years of military service. He is a certified gemologist (FCGmA) and teaches the Canadian Gemology Course for CIJT.

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